What Can I Compost?!

The Community Composting Program: A convenient & eco-friendly alternative for food waste

We know it can be hard to remember exactly what should be composted and what shouldn't, so we made this little list that should help clear things up. Feel free to check back for a quick reminder anytime.

Can Be Composted Should NOT Be Composted
 Fruits and vegetables  Diseased Plants
 Coffee grounds & paper filters  Dairy products
 Paper napkins  Coal or charcoal ashes
 Cardboard w/ no tape or labels  Meat and
 Newspaper  Oils

 Yard clippings.

 Any toxic material

 Straw and Hay

 Animal waste 

 Dry leaves

Fruit & Veggie stickers/labels

 Egg shells


 Shredded (non-coated) paper


 Sawdust and wood shavings

 Sawdust and wood shavings from pressure-treated wood