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Healing the world's soil, water, and air.




 Sustainable Products

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Make Food Dirt Again. 

Composting directly fights climate change, decreases the waste sent to landfills, and supports a healthy & local food system. 

We offer convenient & clean Curbside and Drop-Off compost services for residential and commercial subscribers .

We turn collected organic material into a nutrient-rich, biodiverse, & environmentally-beneficial soil amendment (called compost!) where it can be donated to local non-profit agricultural projects, community gardens, and help urban farmers to produce the healthiest food possible, ensuring we all have a healthier local food system.

Look good.

Design matters... & we are out to prove that eco-friendly can be luxurious as well.

 We use only the highest quality, sustainable materials in Renüable products- to ensure that you are always looking your best.

Feel good.

 Rest assured that you made the choice to help fight against climate change, pollution, social inequity, and food insecurity by supporting Renüable products and services.

Do good.

Every time you support Renüable, you are directly helping to support our mission of healing the world's soil, water, and air and helping to make sustainable and "Renüable" resources.  

Shop for a cause.

Sales from services & products directly support our mission to mitigate climate change through thoughtful & sustainable actions like beach cleanups, community composting, and planting bamboo.