Community Compost Program



we drop off a bucket. 

you fill it with your compost. 

we swap your full bucket for a clean one.

That's it!


Currently serving Miami and Broward Counties for pickup services.




Composting Stages/Phases

 Step 1: Mesophilic Phase

Moderate Temperatures (<45*C/113*F)

& usually lasts for a couple of days


Step 2:Thermophilic Phase

High Temperatures (>45*C/113*-158*F)

& can last for weeks or months

Step 3: Curing Phase

Low Temperatures (<45*C/113*)

& matures for 4 weeks+ before being finished and used


Step 4: Sifting

pass the finished compost through a screen.

Objects that are larger than the screen can be added to a new compost pile. They will be beneficial to a new compost pile because they contain microorganisms that will help jump-start the composting process.


Step 5 Finished Compost

How to tell if your compost is ready to use:

  • it looks like dark, crumbly topsoil
  • It has a pleasant, earthy odor. It should not smell like ammonia.
  • The original organic materials (with a few exceptions) should no longer be recognizable.
  • The compost pile should have shrunk by half the size.
  • The pile should have returned to air temperature.



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