Examples of Similar Bamboo Projects Around The World

  • Bamboo 4 Africa 
      • The Food & Trees for Africa’s (FTFA) Bamboo for Africa programme was the landmark first Verified Carbon Credit Program for bamboo. the ability of the Bamboo for Africa programme to comply with the strict VCS standards — demonstrates that bamboo was and will be officially recognized as a functioning carbon sink and storage, and that the methodology is globally accepted.
  • Ecoplanet Bamboo
      • Was a major milestone as the VCS’ first registered large-scale bamboo project. 
      • Their plantations received validation for an initial 816,000 tons of carbon dioxide sequestered through the reforestation of 3,373 acres of degraded lands with bamboo forests. (241.92 tons/acre)
      • The validation set a global benchmark for bamboo carbon projects, as EcoPlanet Bamboo was the first company to develop accurate scientific methods for the quantification and understanding of bamboo’s carbon sequestration benefits.
      • Ecoplanet Bamboo’s VCS validation furthers Renüable’s credibility in our pursuit to drive the bamboo industry in a sustainable manner while influencing international policy for the inclusion of bamboo within the ongoing forestry and land use debate. It also strengthens our goals to create lasting social and environmental impact in the communities surrounding our operations by accessing carbon finance for the development of bamboo related SMEs and local entrepreneurship to promote sustainable livelihoods.
      • They also were the first to market a 15-year bond to retail investors - a SIPP eligible investment in Central America bamboo with fixed annual returns starting in year one. It's partnering with EcoPlanet Group, which develops sustainable forestry projects. By using a bond structure, investors received fixed annual interest payments as well as their original investment back on redemption. This means, investors would receive up to 503% returns and exceptional security - against both the asset and the income, says Property Frontiers. This first investment offer was limited to $12 million - $3.5 million was been secured in its first week.
      • Although there were many great doors opened, it appears the company was unable to repay its obligations due to internal fraud allegations, and the plantations are going unmanaged. 
  • Resource Fiber 
      • 100 acres growing in Alabama, and attempting to partner with growers with 100 acre + plots
      • Growing bamboo for fiber. Focusing on Moso and Rubromarginata species. 
      •  Working with Auburn University, University of Alabama, and University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the University of Tennessee 

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