Front Landing Page Ideas

I want the front page to act as an invitation to join a cause, a belief, and a revolution in thinking and living. I want to offer only quality products that solve life's challenges while not harming the world physically with unsustainable ingredients, materials, and production methods. The proceeds must definitively and verifiably go into growing bamboo, acquiring land, protecting species, protecting natural habitats, supporting good overall business practices, and encouraging grassroots and international community efforts… where ever they may be most effective.

I want to bring many of the ideas into the picture of the brand. Permaculture, Bamboo Farming, Plastics Reduction, Composting, Reef Protection, Carbon Dioxide Reduction and Pollution Reduction are all standard here. It may seem overwhelming, but with thoughtful sustainability, we are able to make meaningful changes on every scale.

We want people to look to Renuable for guidance and answers for what else can be done, and why. It should be clear to our brand community that things like helping devastated communities to flourish in the wake of increasing natural disasters by utilizing sustainable materials to encourage recovery efforts is a company goal. It should be clear that we aren't a typical company primarily set on profits and capitalistic successes. Renuable needs to be a company that people can trust, and feel confident in. 


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