How Are We Going To Plant Bamboo?

  • 60 percent of profits from sales are going to be invested in acquiring growing land, planting, and managing our bamboo forests, and later for manufacturing research, development and equipment . Bamboo only takes a few years to grow and establish itself before it can be harvested, so as we are selling products, we will also be starting to establish a new, locally-grown raw product here in the U.S. 
  • Renüable will simultaneously market and develop bamboo products in various industries, including textile, food, paper and construction in order to increase the demand for the bamboo industry, creating a self-fulfilling supply chain. 

Other Bamboo Growth Opportunities?

  • As commercial farmers and landowners see more potential in the bamboo industry, we will offer them partnerships to grow bamboo on contract with Renüable for 20 years with a guaranteed buy-back for their crop, as well as support through the growing processes and phases. 
  • Once a strong North American Renüable presence has been grown, we will extend this offer to other countries who could benefit from bamboo industry. 


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