So, Why Plant Bamboo In America?

Bamboo has the ability to greatly improve the condition of water, air, and soil, and when combined with permaculture techniques, can repair even some of the most damaged and degraded lands. There are over 1500 different species that can and will grow rapidly in the majority of our 50 states.

America is the single largest importer of the 60 billion (USD) dollar annual bamboo global market and although bamboo is the fastest-growing and most efficient plant on Earth at sequestering carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen (up to 10x more than trees), the shipping emissions largely negate any carbon benefit bamboo can offer immediately when it is shipped internationally.

We also feel it is important to promote American industrial independence and advancements in new industries so we are not bound to everchanging import tariffs, trade agreements, and global trade routes dependant on a long and precarious supply chains.  

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