The “Robinhood Philosophy” of bamboo.

China has the vast majority of bamboo forests in the world, and as a result, most of the bamboo products created in the world, are coming from there. The issue is that most, if not all, of the beneficial aspects of carbon sequestration are negated when the carbon emissions from shipping products across the world is factored in. This is why we are using the "Robinhood Philosophy" of stealing from the rich to give to the poor, to bring the bamboo industry to the U.S. where it grows feverously in most areas of the country.

Our plan is to take proceeds from selling Renuable products (Many of which are made from bamboo originally grown in China) to then plant bamboo on U.S. lands where bamboo can help to improve soil quality, reduce carbon dioxide, improve our waters, and be harvested and transformed into future Renuable products. We hope to provide hundreds of jobs in a new American industry, creating home-grown American products.

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