Renüable Community Compost Program Service Area

If you are located within the green shaded area, good news! You can sign up for composting services! 

All of Broward county is now covered, and a portion of North Miami-Dade county can compost with us now too! 

If your address is not in the current service area, we still want to hear from you! We will try to get service in your area as soon as possible, and that can only happen if we know where our services are needed! 

How does composting work?

...basically organic matter+bacteria+moisture+oxygen= decomposition.

We take food scraps, sawdust, landscaping waste, and organic matter like fallen leaves, and provide the perfect environment for decomposing bacteria and organisms to do what they do best. The result of their hard work, and our careful maintenance of the conditions that ensure their survival and efficiency, is a nutrient-rich and bio-diverse soil amendment that helps plants grow better, use less water, and fight pests and diseases. 

Nature is pretty cool. 

Composting w/ Renuable FAQs

How do I sign up for composting?

What time do you swap the bins? 

after 6pm on your service day. You can see your next scheduled service on your member dashboard here ( 

Can I compost meat and dairy? 

Yes you can, but we really only recommend this for our weekly residential pick up subscribers or our community drop off members. For those who are bi-weekly, we recommend only composting vegetarian ingredients to ensure a clean and safe composting experience for you and our team members 

What if I didn’t put my bin out in time? 

Just let us know, and we can swing by the following week, or you can order a special pick up from the shop in your member dashboard and we will get a driver out to you in the following day or two. 

How do I know what to compost? 

There should have been a list emailed to you when you signed up of a whole bunch of examples of things that we do and do not accept, if you would like to reference this list; click here. 

I thought I wanted biweekly service but I want to switch it to weekly (or vis versa) 

not a problem, we are happy to assist with any changes, simply send us a message through your member dashboard and we will make the appropriate changes and send you back an email confirming the changes and your new pick up schedule.

General Questions

When will an item be restocked?

All of our restock dates, if they are known, are listed in the product descriptions. This is not an exact date, but our best estimate. The best way to know exactly when something will be back in stock is to sign up for product notifications. You can find that on each individual product page. If there is no date listed, we may not restock it or we don’t have a solid date to add yet.

Do you do custom orders?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capability of doing custom orders at this time. If you have an idea for a great product you’d like to see, let us know - we love suggestions, or it might already be in the works.

I sent you guys a message and I haven’t heard back yet.

If it’s a Friday, we may not get back to you until Monday- we work regular business days M-F. If it is a holiday, we usually get back to you the next business day. Sometimes we just have a ton of emails and we need a day or two to catch up. Please only send one email regarding your question or return (additional emails create clutter and it will take longer to get to it) - if you haven’t heard from us in 3 business days, then send us another message!

I live in South Florida, can I come try something on or purchase at your warehouse?

We are not able to have customers purchase or try on our items in person. We are not set up to have customers come by and shop, although this might be an option in the future.


Where is my package?

  • No shipment notification? - Check your spam folder. If you ordered on a Friday, most orders ship the following Monday (We unfortunately do not employ elves that ship for us 24/7 in our warehouse). Some products may take a few extra days to ship (as noted in the product pages). Orders are packed each day around 11am, and tracking numbers are sent in the evening.
  • Tracking marked as delivered? - Check with neighbors and all members of the household that may have received the package on your behalf. If it is still not found, please call the carrier it was shipped through for more information before emailing us.

How much does shipping cost?

Orders in the US with a subtotal that is over $75 ship for free (this does not include tax; coupon codes that reduce the subtotal below $75 will also not be eligible). Expedited and International shipping are weight based, so the best way to get an idea of price is to add the items to your cart, input your address, and see how much it will cost.

Do you pay for customs fees?

Customs fees are determined by your country and these fees and additional charges are out of our control. Before you order, please check with your customs department on fees that may apply.

I need to cancel

Send us a cancellation request on your member dashboard or send us an email and we will get that handled for you. 

My address is wrong or has changed

Send us an email or message from your member dashboard and we will be able to fix your address. Send us an message right away with your name, and correct address. 

Please make the subject “Incorrect Shipping Address”