we make composting easy.

we drop off a bucket. 

you fill it. 

we come swap it for a clean one.

you receive or donate your share of compost!

Renüable Drop-Off Stations

Making composting accessible to more people speaks to our core values, and our Drop-Off Stations offer a great solution for many to start their composting journey. 

    Our compost drop-off program is for residential composters who don't require or desire our curbside pickup services, but still want to turn their food scraps into soil. Drop-off composters have a designated drop-off site where they can drop their compost at any time, and we come once a week to collect all the food scraps to start the composting process!

Tell me more.

Why Compost?
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it is estimated that more food waste is sent to landfill than any other material.    (source: The EPA's MSW Fact Sheet 2012).  ...That is a lot of uneaten food, and the worst part is that the wasted food itself is not the end of the problem!

Composting Fights Climate Change 
Really...Food waste emits a gas called Methane, which is approximately 84 times stronger during its first two decades than carbon dioxide (CO2) as a Green House Gas (GHG), meaning it insulates the planet and contributes to global warming, rather dramatically.  (source: Environmental Defense Fund: Methane: the other important greenhouse gas)

No Pests & No Odor
Another major drawback to throwing food waste in a typical trashcan is that it stinks and can attract pests (like cockroaches, ants, and larger animals). We supply you with an air-tight bucket and lid and compostable liners for clean food waste management system.   

Composting = Savings
By adopting the Community Composting Program at home, you can reduce the need to take your trash out by up to 50% which means less plastic trash bags, and the convenience of making half of the trips to the dumpster!
Some restaurants have reported more than 75% savings from their traditional waste management costs! And consider the value of being able to show your customers that your business is taking real, actionable steps to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious! 

Support Local Agricultural Projects
We have teamed up with Together We Stand, a South Florida non-profit organization that promotes practical sustainable education in order to maximize the impact of the program. We are able to donate some of our community compost directly to their local farm in Hollywood, Florida where they are able to turn it into fresh organic produce for their volunteers.