Handmade 'Ghost Net' Bracelet
Handmade 'Ghost Net' Bracelet

Handmade 'Ghost Net' Bracelet

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Help save marine life in Mozambique & clean up our oceans by wearing one of our handmade bracelets made of abandoned fishing "ghost" nets!

Meet the creator:

nelson smiling

Nelson is a dive instructor that collects discarded fishing nets off the beach in his free time.  These "ghost" nets entangle marine life, threatening thousands of animals each day.  By purchasing one of these bracelets, not only are you helping keep the waters safe for marine life, but you are also helping Nelson & his family contribute to Mozambique's local economy.  


No two bracelets are alike- each is its own unique piece of art.  Due to the uncontrollable nature of the type of nets discarded, colors are categorized in families and are not exact.  Please keep this in mind when purchasing. 

Earth Tones - Muted greys, greens, etc.
Water Tones - Brighter blues & greens.